Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another Roy of the Rovers

I had a request to paint another Roy of the Rovers team; this time the 1986 kit on LW figures and bases.

Here's how it turned out

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A few more HW repaints

Slowly but surely I'm getting around to repainting some of my older HW teams in my collection for the start of my own HW solo league.

Rummaging through my older teams, I came across old Liverpool and Brasil teams that had seen better days.  Many of the figures in both teams had been broken and reglued back together.  I thought these 2 teams would be ideal to use for my repainting project.

I started to repaint the Liverpool kit first.  after completly stripping it down to the white plastic, I decided to repaint it once again in an all red strip, using gold as a secondary colour.  Using a chinese takeaway menu and an Inter Milan away strip from a few season ago as inspiration, here's how the team has turned out: meet The Golden Dragons!

The second team i had to repaint was the old Brasil strip.  This team had 6 out of the 10 players broken so I've replaced most of the team with new Santiago HW T2 figures.  See if you can spot the differences between the players!

I took quite a bit of time to think what kit to paint up instead of Brasil; with a green and yellow base combo it was quite limiting and I didn;t want to replicate a kit that I already knew of.  Then one night, whilst watching a re-run of the film The Running Man, I was inspired to the paint the team up as follows:

The team has been entered into my solo league with the name of "TFC Running Man". Hardly original I know, but fun all the same!