Saturday, 19 November 2011

Another Cosmos team

I know the GK kit is based on a Puma design rather than Umbro, but I fancied giving it a go.

A few more Melchester Rovers kits

It feels like my blog is slowly but surely turning into a Roy of the Rovers homage rather than about painting subbuteo!

I've painted up a couple more Melchester Rovers kits; the first is from the 1950's era, the second is from the 1970's era.  Both kits have been painted up on Superfooty figures and bases which are available from 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pulp Fiction

I've been after a subbuteo rugby set for ages; when the opportunity to get one on a swapsies basis arose I couldn't say no!  My half of the bargain was to paint up a team based on the classic Tarentino movie, Pulp Fiction.

I hadn't watched the film in a good couple of years, so when I finally found my copy on dvd I had to blow off the dust and watch it to remind myself of the characters and what they looked like.

Hopefully the painting below bares enough resemblance to the classic film characters!