Tuesday, 18 January 2011


OK, so I've done the superhero thing before, but I was really inspired to create this team from playing a computer game this weekend.

This is the first time I've solely done a team based on one superhero.  My favourite is a tough choice between Batman and Spiderman; Batman won the vote for being painted up first!  I know that there are many characters to choose from, but here's just a few of the ones that I wanted to paint up.  They are all my interpretation of what the characters look like, so some may differ slightly from what you have seen before.  Hopefully you'll like them!

L - R Batman, Robin

L - R The Riddler, The Joker

L - R Catwoman, Poison Ivy

L - R Mr Freeze, The Penguin

L - R The Scarecrow, Two-Face



  1. Where is your website for purchasing? Many thanks!

    1. Teams can be made to order. If you are interested please contact me using the email address provided at the top of the page