Saturday, 12 February 2011

1970's HW teams

Ah the classic HW. Much loved and probably the best figure to play the oldsubbuteo game to.

The Worcester River Plate 7 TFC (check out their website at will be playing a retro league after their current season has finished.  They have asked for each player to have their own HW team from the 1978/79 season.  I haven't painted up retro HW teams before, but thought it would be nice to give it a go.  After a bit of research, the kits can easily be found on various websites.  On my search through the local charity shops I came across 2 old football annuals from the 1979 season; Roy of the Rovers and Scorcher.  The Scorcher annual provides excellent drawings of what each teams kit looks like for that season.  I let the WRP7 players pick which team they wanted and now have a list of teams to produce.

Below are the teams that I've managed to paint up so far. 


Check out that facial hair!

Melchester Rovers

There's more to follow so keep looking over the next couple of weeks for more HW teams.  If you like the style of my HW painting and would like a team, please contact me via email at

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