Tuesday, 29 March 2011

HW Carlisle United

I've been looking through old football annuals recently and have come across a few kits that I have thought would look really good painted up.

First in the series we have Carslile United

I have no idea what the goalkeeper kit should have looked like for this kit, so I've made it up!  The figures are Santiago T2


  1. Lovely Carlisle United strip. The goalie strip looks great, sadly however the real goalie shirt sported by CUFC legend Alan Ross was the ubiquitous 1970's plain green.
    It's nice to finally see the high-flying Carlisle team of 74/75 (we were a league above Manchester United) merit a proper version of their kit rather than sharing the ref with Birmingham and not getting any of our red trim/socks.

  2. thankyou! I get a little bored of painting standard 70's keeper kits so went with this one instead.