Sunday, 24 April 2011

Middlesbrough FC away kit

I've received a request to paint a couple of teams from a top 20 ESTFA ranked player. What an honour!  The ESTFA (English Subbuteo Table Football Association oversee the playing side of subbuteo in England.  If you are interested in playing subbuteo and you're in England, the ESTFA website is a great source of information.  Not only does it provide you with updates of the current playing scene in England, it provides you with links to current active clubs, playing rules and current suppliers of equipment.  If you haven't done so already, please check out their website!

The first of 2 teams that I've been asked to paint is the current Middlesbrough away kit......but with a twist!  The away kit doesn't have the famous white band across the middle of the shirt; you'll notice that in the pictures below this kit does.

The figures are LW figures from the 80's.  Check out the hairdo's (or hairdon'ts as it should be called) it looks like they are wearing helmets!

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