Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Drinks Brands

I recently received an email from a fan of my work from the USA with a fantastic idea for a team to create.  The idea fits perfectly into the ethos of this blog of painting original teams that no one else will have.

Initially the idea was to create a team of 11 players based on soft drink brands; the following picture shows the rough idea drawn out by my clients son

The 11 soft drinks to be included within the team were as follows:  Coca Cola, Cherry Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Fanta, A&W Root Beer, Sprite, 7up, Dr. Pepper, Sunkist and finally Nestea.  I really liked this concept for a team and after discussing the idea with my client, I put forward the idea of having a "Father & Son" team, where the father could have alcoholic branded drinks and the son could have the soft drink brands.  My client agreed with me that it would be great for him and his son to play matches against each other with their own customised teams.  To make it personal to my client, I asked him to provide me with a list of alcoholic drinks brands that he liked (some of which I had not heard of before!) so I could paint them up.  The brands chosen were as follows:  Guinness, Bass, Heineken, Budweiser, Coors Light, Miller Light, Corona, Blue Moon, Sam Adams, Palm and finally Stella Artois.

I was given a fairly free reign to paint the teams how I thought would look best; you'll see from the pictures below that some have turned out very well on the little plastic men and hopefully do the brands justice.

The soft drinks team is below


The alcoholic drinks team is below

The figures are 2K4, the bases are iBases, available from LPM Online.

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