Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Repainting old teams

Repaint.  A word that's frowned upon in subbuteo collecting circles. Collectors hate repaints and rightly so.  Spending your hard earned cash on what you think is an original to then find out is a fake is depressing.

I've fallen victim to a few repainters myself (!).  My view is the best thing that can be done with repaints is to strip them down and start again.

I'm not one for trying to replicate the original strips or colours of the subbuteo catalogue.  I like to be creative with my teams, as you can probably tell from previous posts.  I will be starting my own solo league shortly so with this in mind I thought I would start to paint up a few teams for the league.

First up we have this team

When i forst got this team I thought it was a Leeds 2nd kit from a dodgy picture taken on eBay.  My punt on the team didn't pay off as the figures had been repainted in a lovely yellow humbrol paint.  After stripping the figures down, I found out that the team originally was a ref 3 - WBA.  Unfortunately i'd left the paint stripper on for too long and the WBA paint came off also. So I decided to use this team for a repaint of my own.

Here's the next team i've repainted

A very worn moulded ref 1 needed a new bit of life.  I was in the pub one evening when I suddenly had inspiration to paint this team. I wonder where my inspiration came from?

Finally the third team

I don't know what this team was originally.  When it came into my posession it was "rainbow coloured".  I think someone must have just decided to throw pots of paint over the figures to "create" a strip.  Having stripped away the bad paint job, I decided that i wanted a black strip.  The tricolour stripes down the middle remind me of Italy, not my intention!

So it just goes to show that if you get a repaint in your collection they can be turned into something worthwhile with a little bit of time and imagination!

There are a few Santiago T2 players mixed in with the teams as previous players had breaks.  Can you spot them?

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