Saturday, 3 September 2011

Roy of the Rovers - Melchester Rovers

My mum used to buy me 3 comics a week when I was a kid; Shoot, Match and Roy of the Rovers.  Out of all 3, RotR was my favourite.

I painted up a 70's kit quite a few months back (can be found in an earlier post).  As I play my own subbuteo leagues at home, I thought it was about time Roy's men updated their kit.  So, with this in mind, and thanks to a recent purchase from a car boot sale for reference, Melchester Rovers have now been updated to their 1981 kit.

Here's how its turned out

L - R: Charlie "Cat" Carter, Roy Race, Blackie Gray

L- R: Blackie Gray, Paco Diaz, Nat "Grandad" Gosden, Noel Baxter

L-R: Noel Baxter, Vernon Eliot

L-R: Jimmy Slade, Duncan McKay

L-R: Mervyn Wallace, Vic "Superbrat" Guthrie

The figures and bases are original Subbuteo HW "walkers" from the 1970's

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  1. quality!!! excellent paint-work!!! :)
    too much detail and effort on it

    cheers, Vas